Community and Social Responsibility

Since starting Brooks Manufacturing/Machining Inc in 1979 we have always recognized our social responsibilities. We like to think our Company provides young adults with a work ethic, a sense of purpose, a sense of self worth and a creative focus for their energy. Whenever we are in the need for new employees we always check with our local High School and especially the local Vocational Schools for students interested in our profession, whether it be a Machinist position or a administrative position our local Schools are the best place to look for talent.

Every year we donate a portion of our profit to many local charities that help Children and families that are not as fortunate as others.  We also sponsor local fund raiser events throughout our community.

The 2 areas we like to assist in are:

The next generation

  • Development of young people
  • Inspiring young people to get      involved in local Business

Supporting our local community

  • Supporting local schools
  • Supporting the local community
  • Improving the look of our community

Also- our customers often ask us to assist with their own charitable events, we are happy to oblige by providing prizes for their fund raising efforts; together we can make a difference.

We believe that a combination of supporting our partners in their endeavors as well as pursuing our own will be more successful in making a difference to these challenges.