History and Heritage


To provide Machining and or Manufacturing solutions to clients who need a reliable supplier that can deliver a high level of quality in workmanship, inventory management and on time delivery. To establish partnerships / relationships with these clients as they bring products from prototype to production.

Brooks Mission Statement

 Brooks Manufacturing / Precision Machine Inc.  has been servicing customers in and around New England since 1979.  Chuck Brooks the founder and President has been a machinist his whole life and has worked for several local machine shops.  He started his company because he wanted to offer customers a value added service of manufacturing their products as well as providing the machined parts needed for them.  [slideshow id=3] Since starting his business he has not only provided high precision components to his customers in all types of material he has also helped them in designing special test fixtures and special tooling. He has also assisted in finding better ways of manufacturing his customers products with the end result being a substantial cost savings to his clients.  “We are partnered with so many local suppliers from sheet metal houses, to paint shops, to powder coating and plating shops that we are able to get a huge costs savings on these services and pass these savings to our customers.  This in turn takes all the pressures off them in trying to negotiate and handle all the material and fabrication costs and logistics.  My customers always tell me that they want to design these new products but do not want to get involved in the material end or the volume production build of their products.  My customers count on us to provide the quality and on time delivery of their products  That their specialty is the design and innovation of bringing new products or technologies to markets and not the volume production of them.”  No job is to big or too small when it comes to working with our customers in improving on current product or the design , prototyping and release to production of a new product.  We are there with you from start to full production.